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A New Way of Investing in Art

When I was fifteen, I remember walking past an art shop with a painting of a beautiful woman draped saree holding a lamp; Lady with the Lamp. The light of the lamp glowed on her face revealing her beautiful features. The shop was on my way to the school. I walked past it everyday; mesmerised. I… Continue reading A New Way of Investing in Art

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DIY Makeup Organizer

From upcycled jeans

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Shower Curtain Upcycle

When we were replacing our old shower curtain both me and my husband (Nick) looked at it and said that this is such a durable material lets keep it and do something with it later. Later I was looking for some kind of new idea start a new project on my sewing machine and a… Continue reading Shower Curtain Upcycle

My Kitchen

Spinach Aubergine & chickpeas 

This is a very healthy mix of vegetables cooked in a really simple way that tastes heavenly! What you need: Any cooking oil (3 tbsp) Mustard seeds Cumin seeds Curry leaves (optional) Whole Garam masala (optional) Bay leaf (fresh if available) Onion (1 chopped) Ginger Garlic paste  1 1/2 tsp Cumin powder 1/2 tsp Coriander… Continue reading Spinach Aubergine & chickpeas 

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When I was beginning this initiative of encouraging all around me to learn something new as it does wonderful things to your brain; a good friend Tamanna Sharma (based in New Delhi, India), suggested the topic Composting as a start. I had never seriously thought about composting, unlike her, who thinks very deeply about it.… Continue reading Composting

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Something New

After a really long break...I am back! My younger daughter is over a year old now and finally, I am finding some time to write and do new things again! This section of my blog is dedicated to constantly feed the brain something new. So here's to another fresh start! I hope you find it as… Continue reading Something New


My Thoughts on Your Thoughts

I asked a very simple question out of curiosity and she took me quite seriously and responded to a simple question in an amazing way here The Truth behind Motivation This is simply my thoughts on the same. First of all, as I have already said, thank you, for taking my question seriously. I treasure conversations… Continue reading My Thoughts on Your Thoughts

My Kitchen

Bhuna Chicken

This is the simplest recipe I found on youtube. It is so easy; no chopping and no time consuming prepping! It is also great for people who suffer from Crohn's. It is one of the few indian recipes that do not include onion and tomatoes. I recently came across a friend who has Crohn's disease.… Continue reading Bhuna Chicken



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