Wandering While Wondering

An old write up from college... good old days, when I had the luxury of getting lost into thoughts whenever I wanted... ...Sitting with music determined to read something, started wondering something wandering in that thought I went far really far , forgot where I was sitting what I was doing ,what was to be… Continue reading Wandering While Wondering


Adventures at Home

Most of us think of adventure as something that involves outdoors, travelling or maybe doing something impulsive or erratic. However, I have come to believe and experience that adventure is wherever you are, its just the matter of recognising it. I didn't always believe that. And that was a problem! You see being a stay at home… Continue reading Adventures at Home

My Kitchen

Kadhai Gosht

Almost every time we go out to eat Indian, we end up ordering Kadhai Gosht. So I thought why not try making it at home. I looked at a couple of videos on youtube and searched online for its recipe. This is what I finally did and the result was delicious! Having made this dish at… Continue reading Kadhai Gosht