Wandering While Wondering

An old write up from college… good old days, when I had the luxury of getting lost into thoughts whenever I wanted…
…Sitting with music determined to read something, started wondering something wandering in that thought I went far really far , forgot where I was sitting what I was doing ,what was to be done does not really matter anymore, I wandered and wandered looking for something, something which exists or not I don’t know. Going through certain thoughts trying to untie the knots and mix up the solved problems,

I wandered here and I wandered there , now I don’t even know if I am looking for something , I am merely wandering , wandering with nothing in my mind , trying to do nothing , trying to reach nowhere , thinking about everything and nothing at the same time with complete silence within myself not even speaking to myself just floating through what is going on, the colours around look more and more beautiful every glance, each leaf showing off its beauty to the maximum, my eyes taking their picture as if in camera 🙂 
The sky looks like an empty space where I can wander and wander and wander till eternity without a question of where must I go, what should I do , what is right and what is not, just wander on, without anyone stopping me for anything.a moment of total peace just with myself , me and me alone not even my thoughts to disturb me, everything comes at a stop, Then I look at the time, and everything is shattered I look around and i see a busy surrounding , I remember what i came here for , what I had to read, the moment was gone, gone with the breeze that reminded me the time and brought me into reality….

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