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DIY Makeup Organizer

From upcycled jeans


The Best of Me

I write I think I stammer I blink I start I stop My heart begins to throb There's too much to do There's nothing to do The journey has begun Of what I should become I stress I rest I want to do my best I stumble I fall I embrace it all I will… Continue reading The Best of Me

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Shower Curtain Upcycle

When we were replacing our old shower curtain both me and my husband (Nick) looked at it and said that this is such a durable material lets keep it and do something with it later. Later I was looking for some kind of new idea start a new project on my sewing machine and a… Continue reading Shower Curtain Upcycle

My Kitchen

Spinach Aubergine & chickpeas 

This is a very healthy mix of vegetables cooked in a really simple way that tastes heavenly! What you need: Any cooking oil (3 tbsp) Mustard seeds Cumin seeds Curry leaves (optional) Whole Garam masala (optional) Bay leaf (fresh if available) Onion (1 chopped) Ginger Garlic paste  1 1/2 tsp Cumin powder 1/2 tsp Coriander… Continue reading Spinach Aubergine & chickpeas