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Shower Curtain Upcycle

When we were replacing our old shower curtain both me and my husband (Nick) looked at it and said that this is such a durable material lets keep it and do something with it later. Later I was looking for some kind of new idea start a new project on my sewing machine and a bib was lying next to me. I have always found bibs to be horribly overpriced, to the extent I almost stopped using them.

I carefully saw the design and thought why not stitch one from the shower curtain! Nick was very happy with the idea; so happy indeed that he stitched it himself. He also went on to stitching a wall hanging.

Here are some pictures; the white bit is the shower curtain and the red border is felt material.

We both are absolute beginners to using a sewing machine if we can do it anyone can! So don’t throw that lovely shower curtain away, instead make personalised items that your children will love!


7 thoughts on “Shower Curtain Upcycle”

  1. That is such a good idea! It’s something you would always think of throwing away but you could make so many bibs from a shower curtain! I love the wall hanging as well, a great way to organise things for the kids that is easy to clean and low cost! If you have any scraps left you could always try making yourself a small wash bag/makeup bag with a semi-waterproof lining:)

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  2. Oh, bibs!! They are outrageously priced! I see my own as well. Nice idea to use something you already have. ^_^ I have some old shirts of my husband’s that I’m planning to make something with soon.

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