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DIY Makeup Organizer

So along with shower curtains jeans is another durable material which is worth putting some effort in upcycling.

For a start I decided to use only the pockets as it’s time saving and less work. And I am very excited to share the end product with you all!

Procedure is simple: just cut the jeans pockets out. Cut two same sized pieces of background cloth. Stitch the pockets on one of the peices in whatever order you like.

I have added two strips for lipsticks and things like that. You could really customise it however you like.

After this, stitch the other piece of background cloth inside out one three sides, i.e. leaving one side open to push a cardboard in.

Make sure the cardboard is slightly smaller to aid the stitching of the open side. Stitching this last bit can be slightly tricky as the cardboard makes the whole thing quite stiff to work with. You can even consider sticking the open side with super glue (just a thought).

To add the last touch I have punched in two rivets. They make the whole project really sturdy and durable.

And here is the finished project!

P.S. It’s especially great if you have toddlers who reach all your drawers!


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