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A New Way of Investing in Art

When I was fifteen, I remember walking past an art shop with a painting of a beautiful woman draped saree holding a lamp; Lady with the Lamp. The light of the lamp glowed on her face revealing her beautiful features. The shop was on my way to the school. I walked past it everyday; mesmerised. I was a bit mad about paintings those days, there were days when I spent the whole day dreaming about it! Coming to think of it now, it must have been a copy. lady_with_lamp

So one fine day I gathered courage to walk in that shop and see how much it was going for. The price tag read Rs. 8000 (Around £70), which was obviously way out of my budget then. And I didn’t have the nerves to ask my parents for it. So I made peace with drooling over it everyday on my way to school…till one day the shop closed, and the painting was gone…forever. I never saw it again. My heart sank and I mourned over it for many days.

A couple of days ago I had a chat with the co-founder of Feral Horses and she introduced me to this interesting concept of owning shares of a piece of art. Feral Horses is a start-up that allows you to own a percentage of share of an art piece, from as little as £4 or even less. Once the shares are sold 100% the art piece moves on to the secondary market or even given for rent. So it becomes an investment that you can earn from! So you do not have to be a millionaire to invest in art anymore… you can actually have very humble beginnings; who knew!

So maybe the next time I fall head over heels for a piece of art I will be able to own it…well partially.



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