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Shower Curtain Upcycle

When we were replacing our old shower curtain both me and my husband (Nick) looked at it and said that this is such a durable material lets keep it and do something with it later. Later I was looking for some kind of new idea start a new project on my sewing machine and a… Continue reading Shower Curtain Upcycle

Something New, Uncategorized


When I was beginning this initiative of encouraging all around me to learn something new as it does wonderful things to your brain; a good friend Tamanna Sharma (based in New Delhi, India), suggested the topic Composting as a start. I had never seriously thought about composting, unlike her, who thinks very deeply about it.… Continue reading Composting


Planning Uncertainties

I find it a strange irony that most living beingsĀ have a tendency to plan, when no one really knows what is going to happen next. We all plan something for the future; it could be for the coming evening, next hour, day, month, year and so on. Even animals plan for the future. Whether it… Continue reading Planning Uncertainties