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A New Way of Investing in Art

When I was fifteen, I remember walking past an art shop with a painting of a beautiful woman draped saree holding a lamp; Lady with the Lamp. The light of the lamp glowed on her face revealing¬†her beautiful features. The shop was on my way to the school. I walked past it everyday; mesmerised. I… Continue reading A New Way of Investing in Art

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When I was beginning this initiative of encouraging all around me to learn something new as it does wonderful things to your brain; a good friend Tamanna Sharma (based in New Delhi, India), suggested the topic Composting as a start. I had never seriously thought about composting, unlike her, who thinks very deeply about it.… Continue reading Composting

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Something New

After a really long break...I am back! My younger daughter is over a year old now and¬†finally, I am finding some time to write and do new things again! This section of my blog is dedicated to constantly feed the brain something new. So here's to another fresh start! I hope you find it as… Continue reading Something New